Saturday, March 27, 2010


I was fixing up my porch and wanted to make it look better.
It was built in the 1950's by my father. Time to "upgrade"
Clean the floor, clean the screens. Repair the holes, and patch.
Then I looked up at the ceiling. YUCK! Green and white vinyl strips connected with aluminum struts. What to do? I didn't want to use a brush and scrape and scrape.
So, I researched spray paints. You are saying, just get a can of Rustoleum. Nope. They don't have a product for vinyl and metal.

Krylon does! It is called Fusion. And, it is made exactly for what I want.
So, I went to Home Depot: all they had was Rustoleum, and it wasn't good for both surfaces, and they don't sell Krylon. I went to local hardware stores and no one carried this product. So, I looked them up on the internet and checked out their site.
I read about this Fusion spray paint and it sounded perfect. But, the stores that carried Krylon did not carry the color I needed. (What else is new). Can you order it, I asked? They could only order a case of the cans. I didn't want a case, only a few cans. The merchants said they could not sell the rest, so I had to buy the whole case. Needless to say, I was not very happy about this.

Hello, customer service?

Remember, always be nice, talk softly, never yell, don't curse. Explain the situation calmly, as my mother always said, "you more flies with honey than with vinegar".

After a few transfers I was spoke to a customer rep. and explained my frustration about purchasing their product.
After a little bit of conversation, and a little sweet talk and story telling. She offered me 3 cans of the paint for free. I never asked for anything free! She offered them to me.
At that point I just said, Thank You.
 Now that is customer service! I told her that I didn't want anything free and she didn't have to do that. I just didn't want to buy an entire case of paint.

She insisted and I thanked her profusely.

This experience with Krylon actually made me feel good. How refreshing that a company actually is interested in their customers.

Because of this, I will look to Krylon for all my painting needs first.

It doesn't always have to be a bad experience!

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