Friday, March 26, 2010

SONY is Baloney

Recently my 3 year old 40inch Sony Bravia died.
Just a green fuzzy screen appeared. I was quite upset seeing as though it was only 3 years old and a great set.

I called SONY to see what they could come up with. Customer service had me go through the usual steps. Unplug and replug the set...nothing. Reset the television...still nothing. The great mind on the other side of the phone said... "I think it's gone". They recommended that I call a certified Sony repair company to check it out. Sony Corp. could do no more.
I did call one company and they want to know if it was hanging on the wall or on a table. Why would that matter when all I wanted them to do was check out the set, and they wanted $145 for the home visit and $195 if ti was mounted to the wall. I called another company Sony suggested. They only wanted $107 and would count that toward the repair bill. That seemed better.

The repairman showed up a few days later and looked at the set. His response was.."that doesn't look good. Also it's the panel that's out and it's to expensive to repair". He got a price for the repair...hold on to your seats...$1,330. YIKES

At that point I was even madder, so I called SONY, and asked to Speak to the CEO Howard Stringer. You have to go through steps. 1.Do you have the original receipt? 2. Do you have the quote from the repair company? Yes to everything. I always do my homework.

I did get a call from the CEO office asking if I knew Mr. Stringer. I did work with him at CBS and hoped he would remember. But alas, I never got to speak with him.

I explained to someone who represented him that this was a 3 year old set. A SONY set. These things are supposed to last. I believe my research said the LCD should last 100,000 hours.

This is supposed to be a great set. At CBS these things run forever and ever. I am a life-long SONY consumer. Everything I own is SONY. The only thing they offered me was that they would pay for half the repair. $660.00. Yea right!

So much for quality of the SONY Product and how they care about their customers.
Those I know at CBS told me they they have all gotten away from SONY and even maintenance people told me they are not even close to what they used to be.

SONY was best to buy from. You bought a SONY and you knew you had quality. They stood behind what they sold. But no more. They are a company that does not care for the consumer. Their offer to me was baloney. They should have, at the least offered to pay for the repair. The set was only 3 years old!
Once it's out of the door, they could not care less. That is the problem with business today. They don't care! And we, as the consumers. must stand up and show them that we will not stand for their practices. The best way to do that is with our money. Don't buy from a company that has treated you badly. You have the power.
Many people ask me about electronic products. i.e. TV's, computers etc. I will never again recommend a SONY TV. EVER!
When I told a friend of my SONY problem, he said that was good enough for him and he bought a VISIO TV with me.

So, bye bye SONY. you are full of BALONEY!!!!!

I checked out the VISIO Product. Now this is a great deal. I'll tell more about that in another post.

You can see the funeral of my SONY :( No one came, no one mourned.

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