Thursday, April 8, 2010


Awhile ago I was having trouble with my cable.

Amazing don't you think?  Trouble with cable?  Who would imagine such a thing?

As usual I couldn't get any where when calling the general number.
Press 1 to continue in English.  English?  I live in the United States.  We speak English here.
How about press 1 to speak any other language there is but ENGLISH!

I digress a little.  Sorry folks.

Getting no where I went to the all reliable Google, and searched out the Corporate Headquarters of Time Warner Cable.  I was told the CEO's office was in Manhattan, and got a number for that.  I called and was asked my business and I told them I was a customer and needed help and wanted to speak to the CEO.  I was a very dissatisfied customer.

They switched me right back to the general number.  Press 1 press 2 press 3, please hold, someone will be with you shortly.


Back to the internet.  This time I found that the CEO was in Connecticut and got a number there.
I called and got a very nice lady who seemed concerned.  She worked out of the CEO's office for Customer Relations.  I asked the difference between the general Customer Relations and her.
It seems there are levels of this department and I just graduated to a new level.

After explaining my problem she offered me another number to call.  No recorded numbers and someone that actually will pick up the phone.

It really worked.  They were nice and worked with me.

We set up an appointment for a house call and it was within 4 hours not the usual 6.

To Be Continued....

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